The Asia fastener supply solution:
Taiwan - Vietnam - China

Rapidfix is a manufacturer and supplier of high-grade fasteners, produced in ISO 9001 and ISO / TS 16949 certified facilities in Taiwan, Vietnam and China:

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  Self-drilling, concrete, timber and wood screws >>
  Structural bolts and high-tensile fasteners >>
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Rapidfix is involved in a myrriad of industries through it's supply solution business, enabling us to draw on in-depth expertise in the construction, heavy equipment, transportation, power generation and off-shore industries.

Innovative product solutions, dual quality control, high-levels of IT-integration, industry expertise, technical support and service beyond customer expectations are at the core of our supply strategy.


The newly developed and patented EZ head significantly reduces slip-off and allows more driver control and easy insertion into any screw recess...                      more>>

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Rapidfix fastener division
is part of Rapidfix Group


Rapdifix develops EZ head to aid easy driver insertion into any recess                                                                         more>>

New US-based ERP system to help manage production and logistic                              more>>

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