EZ head

EZ head™ concave head design


EZ going…
Easy insertion into any recess

The brand new EZ head™ allows extra easy insertion of a screw driver into the screw recess. Regular flat screw heads are more prone to irritating “slip-offs” when the driver slips off the head surface, requiring correct alignment and re-insertion.

Our specially engineered concave head, helps the user guide the screw driver directly towards the screw recess even if the driver is off-centre. EZ head™ allows really quick and easy insertion of screw drivers from difficult angles or under low-light conditions. In essence, using screws with an EZ head™ require less ‘fiddling’ to align the driver with the recess, less complications, less energy and less time spent on repetitive fixing jobs. Now you can take it EZ!


Available recess types

Regular flat head screw = increased risk of slip-off when driver is inserted off-centre
Screw with EZ head = reduced slip-off = easy insertion

Features + advantages:

specially designed concave head guides driving bit directly towards recess
reduced ‘slip-off’= easy fit + easy driving
ease of handling under difficult working conditions
reduced time to engage bit
reduced risk for sliding off the head helps prevent injury and damaging working surfaces
concave head shape facilitates concealing of screws, sunken into materials
available with any standard any recess: TX, PZ, PH, Hex, Sq or TTAP™
(CS heads based on international standards)

Rapidfix supplies fasteners with EZ heads™ at NO EXTRA CARGE
Email: marketing@rapidfix.info to get for a FREE sample sent to you immediately

EZ head™ screws are manufactured and trademarked (patent pending) internationally by Rapidfix Group.

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